Sunday, July 6, 2014

In a pickle ...

I made Rhonda's Bread and Butter Cucumber Pickles today...

Here is the link to Rhona's recipe, I followed it to a tee.


My mandolin made short work of the five large lebanese cucumbers, a green capsicum and two onions, honestly probably less than 5 minutes to do the lot.

All mixed up, ready for the salt...



Quite a lot of water will come out of the veg mix...

They shrink down quite a bit...

This is the pickling mix...

In go the rinsed veg, into the hot pickle mix...

Ready after just 2 minutes of simmering in the liquid.

I bottled 5 good sized jars, sealed with cello then when cooled, I screw on a lid.

After about 2 weeks they are ready for eating. I like then on top of cheddar cheese and crackers!

Give them a try!

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. I have saved Rhonda's recipe for these pickles to give it a go one day. Where did you purchase your mandolin from? Your pickles look good.
    Anne xx

  2. Anne, I think most good homewares shops would have them in varying sizes. It is quite lethal so watch your fingers! Mine does have a grip that you can attach the veg to while slicing. The pickles are great and very easy to make, give then a go.


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