Saturday, June 28, 2014

The week that was ...

It is tradition at our business to take a cake in for smoko when it is your birthday so I made a Chai Spice Cake for Gus.

It had 5 chai tea bags in the recipe...

Lots of spices...

It made 2 loaves and was deliciously moist. Everyone loved it!

Tuesday, I made Man Pleasing Chicken. I portioned a small free range chook ($8) ...

Covered the chicken in the easy sauce...

Baked it and ...

Voila! Delicious chicken!

Its very unlike me not to have a stash of homemade bread rolls in the freezer but the cupboard was bare this week! Just haven't had time to get any made. Huz likes his bread with dinner so I knocked up some of these.


Savoury Scones (for when you don't have any bread rolls)

1 cup of SR flour

25 gms butter, rubbed in

Salt & pepper

25 gms parmesan cheese

Sprinkle of dried chives or parsley

Milk, enough to make dough

Bring it together like normal scone dough, don't over mix it. Press out on a floured surface and cut shapes. Bake at 180C until risen and just golden.

The meat in this meal is lamb steaks. I mix up plain flour, finely grated parmesan cheese and lemon pepper seasoning (Masterfoods) then coat the steaks in this mix. Heat a little oil in a non stick pan and fry gently until cooked through. Delicious! I served it with tomato bake (can of diced tomatoes, 1 small zucchini, 1 small onion, 1 stick celery, a shake of mixed herbs, s & p. Mix all together in a shallow baking dish. Butter 3 slices of bread (I used wholemeal), cube the bread then sprinkle over the tomato mix and top with a bit of grated cheddar cheese. Bake for about 30 minutes until bubbling. This is a dinner I can have ready for when huz comes home. Tomato bake and baked spuds done. Pan fry steaks and zap beans in microwave - dinner 15-20 minutes after he walks in.

Wednesday morning sun up...

Its been cold, cold, cold!


It was yummo, one I will definitely make again.

Last night I made coconut, curry and pumpkin soup and these pizza scrolls.

The dough is made from 1 cup SR flour and 1 cup Greek yoghurt. Mix together until combined. My dough was sloppy so next time I think I will add nearly another cup of flour to make it more solid. I did add quite a bit while kneading it but could have added much more.

I rolled out the dough, topped it with pizza sauce, onion, bacon, capsicum, pineapple and cheese but when I went to roll it up, it stuck to the bench and started to break up, spilling out the filling! Lordy, I was in a pickle!

By the time, I had scraped them off the bench and got them on the tray, they looked like this! Train wreck, anyone?

But they redeemed themselves in the oven and came out looking delicious. And they were!

This is a radar image of the weather we got battered with last night - it was very wild and wooly!

Today hasn't been much better. I am hunkered in and plan to do not much at all! I have tidied, vacced made the bed and thats it.

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Your cooking always makes me drool, Joolz! You are such a good cook. We also had a storm last night here in SE Qld and it was nice to get a little rain but today it has turned really cold and windy and Tuesday's minimum is going to be 2 degrees. We are back to our normal winter weather once again. Brrr!

  2. More great recipes, yum. Like the sound of the tomato bake, will be trying that soon. t's turned cold here in coastal NSW too, so lots of warming wintery food being cooked also. Just making "Chicken Soup for the Soul", which promises to cure just about everything !! Great for lunches.

  3. Ha ha h...Like the'nipple" joke!!!...Been ld here daily tops of about 7 degrees....Your meals always look so scrumptious...But the lamb steaks look really good and sound extra delicioius with the lemon spice...yummmmm...


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