Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lazy Saturday...

I love nothing but to stay home on a Saturday, potter at things or do nothing at all.

Cheeky magpies - tring to pry millipedes out of the paving cracks.

Thought I'd try my hand at water colour painting. Not bad for my first effort!

(Web pic)

Well, I did cheat a bit! I have an app on my iPhone called Waterlogue and it transforms pictures into water colour works of art. How good is it?

We are in the middle of June now and its soup weather. I made pea and ham soup from this lovely ham hock. It had loads of meat on it. I have some to eat today and the rest is frozen. A certainly nursing student in Adelaide likes it too!

I gave it a whizz with my Bamix and it thickened up beautifully. Lots of gelatine comes out of the hock.

Something else I tackled (and need to finish today) is re-organising my recipe files. I have 4 ring binders that a choc full of printed recipes in plastic sleeves. Some need culling then they need sorting into :










Home help

Gus had to deliver a car yesterday arvo so I was in charge of dinner for a change... Dukkak spiced lamb cutlets (I fluked getting these on special)...

with snow peas, carroy and zucchini (this pack out on special too)...

Browned in a pan then baked in the oven to finish off...

Served with sweet potato mash spiced with garlic, cumin and coriander. A quick, easy meal.

Another day home today, apart from picking up a 2nd hand washing machine that I snaffooed (obtained) from a Buy, Swap & Sell facebook group. Its for our rental property so I hope its a good'un for $150!

Its just started raining here so its a good day to snuggle in.

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. that all looks yummy.............goodluck sorting the recipes.................very cold here and drizzle/mist...............winter sure is here..................we don't get many days like this...............

  2. Oh, oh, oh, why do you do this to me. My mouth waters for a bite, just one bite, of that lamb.

    You 'fessed up nicely about your watercolor. I completely fell for thinking it was a watercolor! :)


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