Monday, June 30, 2014

Home alone...

We had the worst weather this weekend! Gale force winds and driving rain. I stayed inside all day Saturday and as Gus was away I started to feel very caged in by nightfall.

I made an easy dinner - or should I say, brinner (breakfast for dinner)! Egg and bacon toasted sandwich...

I made a Jubilee cake. Its a simple little fruit cake that is just mixed together, no beating required. The Jubilee cake originated in South Australia. Below are two links to where I've featured the cake on my blog before.




Thin, runny icing is drizzled over the cake while it is still warm...this icing was made with icing sugar, cream and a little water.

Definitely worth a blue ribbon!

A pic of our gorgeous girls - I'm so proud of them both!

When the huz goes away I sometimes make Chow Mein. Huz does not like Chow Mein! The recipe I use is on the back of the Chicken Noodle soup packet.

I add grated carrot and about 1/4 of rice to bulk up the recipe...

All of this cooks down to make a delicious, easy meal. I can eat it for beakfast, lunch and tea!

I give it a splash of soy sauce when serving.


Sunday, I went for a quick drive around our area. This paddock is on the edge of our town, you can see just how much rain we've had in the past week.


It will be a while before they can crop this land and if its already sown down I doubt it will be any good.

On the way back into town ( and here I am probably only 2 kms from my house) I noticed these sheep....with black faces! The little lambs are so cute!

I know that black faced suffolk sheep have black legs also but these only have black heads and necks. I googled them when I got home and I believe they are Dorper sheep.

I want some! I need to sweet talk a certain husband into getting me a couple of you!

Cheers - Joolz xx





























  1. wow...that's PADDOCK! I thought it was a lake! I like chow mein though my Mum work hard to kill my liking making it so so often as kids for! my kids do not like it except for one of! We gothit by that weather front too...a tree fell across our fence and onto the road...still have bits of tree and sticks debris around the town...

  2. Joolz, I will have to look out for that recipe for Chow Mein as I have all those ingredients in the fridge for dinner tomorrow night and was going to make something else. I will also check out the links for the cakes. I hope you didn't eat all that food on your own :-)

  3. I've added the recipe now, Chel

    - J. :)

  4. I love chow mein! My boys don't like it...perfect...that means I get it for lunch the next day!

  5. Dinner tonight at ours Julie. Same as your recipe but with turkey mince and Ketjap manis instead of soy - soooo good! xo

  6. Oh and with sliced button mushrooms ha!


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