Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Great weekend...

We had a lovely weekend in Adelaide with the girls. Friday night we went out to a lovely restaurant for dinner where Angus was received a watch and certificate signifying his 25 years as a Ford dealer.

Saturday morning, I got up and began making a knotted polar fleece rug for Kirby to use at her netball games if its cold, waiting on the bench.

Oh, its hard work, aligning, pinning then cutting the tassles, all on a hard wood floor! You h! I used muscles Ai never knew I had!

When it came to doing the knotting, I was smart enough to put the rug on the ironing board so I was off the floor... Et voila, one snuggly, warm rug!

In the afternoon, we choofed off to watch Kirby play netball. Her team are mainly Yr 12 girls so she is nearly the oldest in the team. They all played so well but went down by 6 goals in the end.

Kirby played 3/4 as Goal Defence. Her height is a great advantage!


On Sunday, we did our Sticky Rice cooking school - but more on that later.


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