Saturday, June 14, 2014

Full moon Friday the 13th ...

It was just another Friday to me. We had overcast, cloudy skies so I couldn't even see the full moon last night.

We discussed the importance of breakfast at our Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday. I like a savoury brekky - Vegemite and peanut butter toast, poached/scrambled eggs on toast, baked beans on toast, anchovette fish paste on toast ... see the pattern?

Every now and then, I will have porridge. I am not a cold cereal person. One lady at our meeting said she cookes her porridge with an apple chopped up in it.

I gave it a go on Thursday morning...

Yummy! I sprinkled on cinnamon and a teaspoon of demerara sugar.

The porridge kept me full until lunchtime! Someone else suggested prunes in porridge so that's next on my list today.
I am sitting here (with tummy grumbling) as I have to fast before I have blood tests taken at 9 o'clock this morning. My doctor wants to see what my cholesterol is doing (6.1 last week when I did not fast). My blood pressure is still up so she wants me to exercise more, drink less alcohol and be aware of saturated fats in my diet.

So last night I made this delicious Moroccan Lamb pizza...

This one is ready for the oven...

It was delicious! I added mushrooms and pumpkin to boost the veggies and I used baby spinach instead of rocket.

Normally, I load on the cheddar cheese but this pizza was not fatty at all.

Ahem, alcohol in moderation! I made two and Gus and I shared one so lunch is sorted for today with the other one.

Slow day here, I have a pork hock ready to make pea and ham soup, some bread and I have my recipe folder to organise. The heater will be on and so will the kettle! Hmm, maybe some healthy banana muffins, I've got several bananas in the freezer waiting.

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Everything in moderation! All looks good and cozy at your place Joolz.

  2. I am a boring person, almost everyday for breakfast I have porridge. I soak rolled oats and dried fruit in water overnight, then the next morning I add some cinnamon, manuka honey and milk, then heat. I have added banana and grated apple (not together lol) before and they are both yummy :)

    Hope you get your health issues sorted Joolz, a bit worrying for you xx

  3. I am boring too...I have All Bran :-)


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