Thursday, June 12, 2014

Curry on a Monday ...

Being a public holiday, I had all the time in the world to prepare this curry for dinner...
I have cooked 4-5 curries from this book now, all have been full of authentic flavour...

I had to grind some of the spices myself - peppercorns and fennell seeds, the others -  cumin, coriander and chilli were already done. It called for 1 tablespoon of kashmiri chilli powder but I cut it back to 1 teaspoon!
I was pleased with how this Kachumber (I assume that is 'Indian' for cucumber) salad turned out. Very simple - seeded cucumber, sliced tomato, green chilli, coriander and red onion sprinkled with roasted cumin and chilli powder then drizzled with lime juice. It helped to cut through the spiciness of the curry.
I made my standard mint & cucumber raita too which helps cool down a hot curry - (web pic)
First I fried off fennell seeds and cinnamon sticks then shallots and curry leaves...
After 10 minutes the chicken thigh meat is added ...
Add in all the spices and coat the chicken...
Add water and sugar then cook to reduce the sauce so ut coats the chicken. This is a dry curry.
Here it is, finished and reasy to serve...
It was very good.
Another curry to tick off as a favourite. (Thats my naan bread in the background).
To finish off the meal - dessert!
I had one of those little tubs of Weight Watchers vanilla ice cream in the freezer so I shared that between two glasses. I had one Monte Carlo biscuit left so I split that and crumbled it between the two. I threw in some strawberries. Job done!
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. Sounds a bit too hot for me, Joolz. I would have to cool it down a bit. Seeing your naan bread reminded me that I need to give that a try this winter.

  2. That looks delicious Joolz, as all your meals do.. Love reading all your cooking stories.. Is your raita recipe on your blog?

  3. The Kachumber photo made my mouth water!

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