Monday, May 19, 2014

The husband can cook...


Saturday night we had pork cutlets with a creamy mustard sauce by Manu Feildel...

Last night it was wood smoked Tasmanian salmon in a light sauce of shallots, baby spinach and peas on spaghetti. Absolutely delicous!
Cooking on the weekends is his relaxation (even if he put in a full day mowing lawns and spreading the rest of the bark in the garden).
I cook during the week and my meals are much more mundane. I love a one pot dish as he works late so its good to have something ready to go.
Tonight, I am trying BabyMac's Spicy Tomato Chorizo Baked Risotto
(I'll add pics later) - sorry, never got to make the risotto. Have saved it for another time.
Enjoy your day!
Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. These mouth watering posts are becoming too frequent Joolz! I came back here to comment on your weightwatcher meals and now drooling over these lovely dishes your hubby whipped up. Seems you are both great cooks!

  2. The dishes look very yummy. I'm keen to try the chorizo risotto also. I thought of that dish while watching Masterchef & chorizo was one of the ingredients. We had slow cooked lamb with Fattoush for tonight's dinner, Beth inspired recipe. It was a hit.

  3. Lovely that your hubby can cook. It's amazing you guys aren't huge with all that wonderful food :)


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