Monday, May 19, 2014

My week in 2

Wednesday was our Weight Watchers night where we had tastings of healthy winter warming dishes...

I made this Curried tuna risoni...
Another lady made this vegetable and herb soup/stew. Not that appetising to look at but it was quite moreish!


This is a Chicken & bacon pasta bake. Also very yummy.

For dessert I made Sticky pineapple pudding...

And served it with a dollop of Vanilla bean Fruche, instead of whipped cream. Totally yum!

Thursday, I became a blonde again! Yikes, it is very blonde!

A few funnies ...

And this one cracked me up! I do love Ron Burgundy and we are avid watchers of The Voice! Lol!

That's got me all caught up. I'm off for another afternoon tea with my mother and sisters. Mum's 90 year old brother is coming for a visit today.

Cheers - Joolz xx


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  1. Yummy meals. That picture cracked me up lol x


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