Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where did that week go?


Easter is fast looming. We are off on a road trip up to Sydney with our girls joining us there for the 4 day long weekend. Really looking forward to it!

The BreastScreen truck rolled into our little town a few weeks ago so I made my appointment for a mammogram. I turn 50 this year so it was time to join the 'big girls' club!

The truck is (wo)manned by a team of lovely ladies. The mammogram was over in about 10 minutes and I think its less invasive and cringey than a pap smear so I wont be afraid to front up again when the truck next comes to town.

I made Country Boy biscuits this week, some going to my bro-in-law who's recovering from an op. Have a go at making these crunchy, chewy biscuits, they are a winner!

He's also fond of my banana bread so he got this too!

Always nice to get something back from a company!

Hmmm, food for thought? For quite a while, I have cut out buying 'diet' products - anything with artificial sweetners is a no go for us now. I buy the lowest fat milk (0.25g/250mls - Pura Tone) but I buy normal yogurt and ice cream. I'd rather have a smaller serving of ice cream than a bigger serve of diet stuff.


We are in love with this yoghurt at the moment. It comes in several fruity flavours and its delicious. I limit myself to a few of these during the week as the sugar content is higher. But yum, yum, yum!

Babymac had this pic on her blog - a watermelon based fruit pizza! How cool is that?
Easy chicken tacos for dinner last night. The recipe is here:


I added mango to the salsa and it was delicious!

I usually make a double batch of the sauce as it keeps in the fridge. Its a really easy dinner.


This weekend will be spent getting ready to go away on Tuesday. We head to Melbourne first to deliver a vehicle then we'll head up the Hume Highway to Sydney. No sewing, just washing and ironing for me.

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Yummy treats again Joolz - all look great! I'm with you on the fat-free/ chemical free bandwagon. What a lot of rubbish. No wonder everyone is in such a mess!! I will look out for that yoghurt, I usually make my on easi-yo, but it's nice to try a new blend. Your BIL should be well pleased with those pick me ups. Good for you fronting up to the van. It's never as bad as you think it's going to be, and well worth the effort. I always remind myself that we are so lucky to have these facilities available to us. Have a nice away trip! cheers Wendy

    1. That's right, Wendy - we are very lucky to have this free screening available to us, especially in outlying regional areas. We are 400kms from Adelaide here.
      Are free mammograms available in the United States and United Kingdom?

  2. I am going to a dietician at the moment and the first thing she said was stop with the 'diet' crap. She explained it as they take out the 'fat' which is actually what gives food its flavour and put in sugars and other stuff which when the body processes it it gets turned into the wrong fat which the body then makes has made its insulin it turns what puts on the weight. Bloody hell even I'm confused at that but the upshot of it was the 'diet' stuff is actually worse for you and when you look at the kj's it is nearly the same as the full fat tasty stuff. I was also eating rice biscuits thinking that I was being healthy but it turns out they weren't either. So its low carbs and I've alread lost about 8 kgs with about the same to go. Your bus is much prettier than the NSW ones. My sister works for Breastscreen here and because there is a family history of breast cancer we can start being tested for free when we turn 40. Being the kind thoughtful (sadistic lol) she booked me in the day after I turned 40. Your right nowhere near as bad as a pap smear. Have a great time in Sydney and a safe trip.

  3. Yes, the week certainly went quick and I can't believe that we are well into April. I made pasties for my hubby and boys last night and they loved them. Lovely photos again Joolz and some great ideas. Enjoy the weekend with your girls. Safe travels. xxoo

  4. I always feel hungry after I've been here, such yummy food! They bring out the big bugger for my mammogram, and pap smears end up in mass hysterics at the surgery, I have a mad sense of humour and comments like 'Hang on to yer butts, she's going in!" & "Careful ya don't fall in!" I often wonder it they think what the hell is she on! hahah! Enjoy your road trip. Oh and welcome the the 50s club x

  5. I have been in 'The Big Girls' Club' for a number of years, Joolz but I still think these tests for women were designed by men. :-) I hope you have a lovely time with your girls. I wish mine lived closer.

  6. good for you getting off the chemical shitstorm bandwagon Joolz. I fot off of that wagon quite a while back and feel so much better. I had my 2nd breastscreen a couple of months ago here in the mount, this one hurt like crazy but at 43 and with my mum having breast cancer a few years back I think I can suck it up. Have a safe and happy road trip.


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