Saturday, April 5, 2014

Finally, I am ready to start sewing!

I now have all my fabrics to begin my first ever strip quilt top.

I bought these fabrics from our local shop, Bankhouse Quilts yesterday.

So this is the palette that I will randomly put together. Strips will be 4" wide and the rectangles random lengths so there won't be any matching up like with squares.
Not very happy with some of the cutting at Spotlight! I know you have to 'true up' the fabric but this is way off!
See what I mean? Most annoyng!
I spent the morning, cutting and trimming...

This is my inspiration - Alicia Paulson's strip quilt (photo from Pinterest)

So this is how far I got today. Not bad for a novice. I think sewing the long rows will be a bit daunting and it will be hard to get it squared up but I guess I can only try and I can correct any dog-legs as I go.

These are the smaller strips I am left with...

Then the larger, longer ones.

I am in no danger of running out of fabric!

It was a nice relaxing day, all in all!

Cheers - Joolz xx







  1. your cruising with the's so pretty.............

  2. Wow, you got so much done in a day! Looks lovely. xxoo

  3. Julie Maloney - I was thinking the same thing. Achieved so much in such a short time!!! and it looks wonderful.

    1. Yes, it sews up quite quickly. Anyone who quilts could put the whole thing together in a day.


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