Sunday, March 16, 2014

Time flies ...

Another week has flown by - after flying home from Adelaide on Monday, Tuesday saw us driving two cars to Melbourne to deliver. A quick overnight stay with firends then back home on Wednesday!
Can you tell that I like blue and white mugs?
Friday night I decided a curry was in order so I made Ern's Beef & Potato curry - always a winner! Out came big blue for the job...
Here are all the spices frying off, the smell was incredible!
I also made naan bread - there is no comparison with store bought crap!
Oh, yum! Gus was a happy man when he got home Friday night, the smell wafting through the house...
Saturday, I made more bread rolls to freeze.
I made Satay Chicken pies for dinner ...
Oh, I'm naughty! I had a hankering for Lemon Delicious pudding... This recipe always gets me flustered for some reason. You have to whisk egg whites and sugar, then egg yolks and sugar, then add melted butter, lemon juice, zest and milk then a tiny bit of flour. Then gently fold in the stiff egg whites then tip the whole lot into an oven proof dish. Then it goes into a water bath to bake uncovered for 50 minutes. This time - perfection! A light fluffy pudding top with a gooey lemoney sauce underneath.
Today we headed for Coonawarra for lunch at Upstair's at Hollick's...
We were not disappointed, the food absolutely delicious!
We hadn't been to Wynn's for a long time so we did some tasting there and bought a bit.
I love this big wire wall hanging...
And finally, a funny for MyKitchenRules fans! See the resemblance?
Settling in now to watch The Block, So You Think You Can Dance and Sixty Minutes...
I am very thankful that we've had lovely showers of rain all over the weekend so I hope other parts are getting a bit too.
Joolz xx


  1. I love Lemon Delicious! Love the Coonawarra photos, haven't been up that way for a while. I haven't made Naan, or tried the shop stuff, but homemade is always better than the packaged stuff :)

  2. Please move to California so I can hire you as our chef! I am so bored with cooking these days...not sure why as I use to love to cook.
    blessings, jill

  3. Yum everything looks super delicious, you know on your travels you could of stopped in to my place and whipped up one of these curries lol

  4. Lovely mug collection. That indian meal looks divine.

  5. Yum Joolz- you're very adventuous in the kitchen I think - your family are very lucky! and I'm very jealous of your mug collection. I have always love blue china too. cheers Wendy

  6. Well done with your making and baking. Home made is so much nicer and healthier. I am also a The Block fan. I'm enjoying how they all get along so well this time. My favs are the K's followed by Chontelle and Steve. xxoo

  7. Love the MKR funny! Those satay pies look so good and now I have a hankering for Lemon delicious!


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