Sunday, March 30, 2014

Off my iPhone ...

I just had to add to this post to say that this is my 1000th post since starting blogging in August 2008!  Wow, I've met some lovely online friends and learned so much from it all.

Since I last posted these are pics off my phone. Oh, goodness there are some food pics in there. Oh, well I suppose we all have to eat!
We've been enjoying fresh juice every weekday morning...
Mini vegetable quiches with salad ...
A quick lamb curry using a HotPot mix.
Into the crockpot at 1pm (thrown in as I went back to work) ...
Ready at 5pm!
A trip to Adelaide saw me home alone for a few hours, waiting for Gus to arrive. The girls had gone to see The Rocky Horrow Show live at the Festival Theatre.
When Gus arrived, we headed for our favourite Indian restaurant, Hazara on The Parade). This was the night we were meant to go see The Rolling Stones, but of course the concert was cancelled due to the tragic circumstance of Mick Jagger's girlfriend taking her own life.
Next morning we caught up with our friens, Mike and Pauline, and our girls for a beautiful breakfast at Chianti Classico. Champagne too, why not?
Sunday night we went to Rain on The Parade for delicious Thai...
Back home, later in the week we had Thai beef salad...
I earned Best Wife of the Year award when I made this Tasmanian Salmon salad for Gus' lunch. He was beside himself!
I down-graded and had tinned tuna with balsamic vinegar and this fruit and veggie plate. It was very filling...
I bought this Bellini which is very similar to the Nutri Bullet - the motor is not quite as powerful but for $29 it was a bargain. I made a banana choc smoothie in two seconds flat!
I got new glasses - these have graduated lenses so it is taking a while to adjust. And yikes, they were quite a bit more expensive than previous lenses!
Season 4 of Downton Abbey arrived in the mail - I have all the bottm row to watch!
Last night saw us visit Horsham in Victoria. We dined at the local Thai but it was a bit lacklustre. Hours of business on the door said open until 9.30pm. We arrived late after ringing them and were told we had to be there by 8.30pm or no go. We got there and had to order straight up and the entree and main come out all together. We didn't realised it was a BYO so Gus had to sprint down the road to the BWS to grab a bottle of wine!
The Massaman chicken curry was okay but I dont think the chicken had been cooked in the sauce for long, not a lot of flavour...
Today we headed for home down some back roads ... that happened to lead us to some wineries!
More narrow country roads. The countey is still very dry, they haven't had any good rain for quite a while.
Back over the SA border...
We called into Coonawarra and had lunch at Fodder - wood fired char grilled pork belly entree
and shared a light crispy wood fired pizza...
Then it was back on the road, heading for home...
Something light for dinner - curried pumpkin and coconut soup...
I sauteed onion, carrot and celery then added pumpkin and sweet potato, chicken stock, salt and pepps and a generous tablespoon of curry powder.


  1. My goodness, that's a lot of fabulous food! :) Your phone gets great pics. Isn't it amazing how phones have changed into things that do so much more than make phone calls! Your new glasses look very nice. I have graduated lenses, too, but a special pair to use while at the computer screen.

  2. Food glorious food! Although I have to say that Thai at Horsham looks most unappetizing. You had me worried there re Downton. I have 6 Blu-ray cases not 7. However on checking them out I discovered that The Christmas Special disc was included in series 2 as a bonus with ours. Phew - hate to have missed something along the way re one of our favorite shows.

    1. Yes, that's the last one I have watched. Need time to watch Season 3 and beyond!

  3. Wow - I'll have some of what you're having! Your lot eats well that's for sure. I'm about to throw something into the crockpot today too. How does banana turn out? I've never thought to include that in a crockpot curry. Loving the look of a lot of those meals - salmon looks delish too, no wonder he loved it! I've just bought a Mix & Go - which is fab for smoothies etc. That soup looks lovely too, not cold enough for soup here yet, I'm dreaming of the day. cheers Wendy

    1. The banana turns to mush really but adds a nice sweetness to the curry. Not yucky at all.

  4. Very yummy food! I'm glad you're back with the food blogs , I get lots if inspiration reading them. It all looks delicious. The banana looks interesting in the slow cooker curry ( haha - that's if it is banana!). Sandra

  5. Wow, such wonderful photos of beautiful food. Love the photos of the country roads too. Right up my alley.
    Anne xx

  6. Your food always looks so inviting - colourful and I bet it's all delicious. I love Indian food (in fact we had curry last week and made your recipe for chapatis!) but I don't know that restaurant on The Parade. I used to get my curry fix at Jasmine in Hindmarsh Square. As for the Thai... hmm... well, it looks on par with what we get here (pretty uninspiring) and it may be because it's a country town.

    I love the views on your drive - what lovely blue skies and such typical mallee countryside.

    My guy has progressive glasses and you are right in that they cost a bomb. Here they are at least double the cost of normal glasses. It's also a bit weird to see him seeming to look down on me with his nose in the air, when really he's just trying to find the right spot to focus. The oprician recommended that I get them last time I was there because I need different lenses for reading/ watching tv and driving the car, but I couldn't get used to them. I felt woozy all of the time, so I decided to keep my old glasses for reading, cooking etc and new glasses for when I drive the car or going out when I need to see further.

  7. It's a shame when you eat out and it's a disappointment. But on the plus side Joolz, your other meals look so good.
    I heard that SA is having some more hot weather so no break for the farmers down your way.
    Take care,

    1. Yes, we had 32C today which was nasty as there was a horrible north wind blowing. Even had a small grass fire just out of town! Back to 19C tomorrow, apparently. Things have greened up quite well as we had a few days of solid rain. We live in God's country, Gus always says! Its known as the Green Triangle!

  8. Gee, you eat well! Congrats on 1000 posts xx


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