Monday, March 10, 2014

A weekend of food ...

My girls love to eat out and they love my home cooking. I sometimes wonder where the two fussy little buggers have gone - the ones that would only eat plain food. Now, the more flavoursome and exotic, the better!

First stop, The Colonist Hotel - Crumbed barramundi fillets ...

Warm chicken salad with pumpkin, prosciutto and rocket ...

Beetroot and goats cheese pizza ...

For dinner we went to The Greek on Halifax Street - it was a lovely warm evening. Bri's friend Abby joined us. She is a nursing student too.

For starters - a shared plate of dips - eggplant and garlic; beetroot, coriander, cumin & yoghurt; tzatziki; taramasalata (fish roe) served with pita bread...

Mains - char-grilled octopus...

Calamari ...

Chicken and lamb yiros.

Char-grilled quail on bed of cous cous ...

Portokali cake - orange syrup soaked sponge ...

After dinner, we zipped over to the Rob Roy Hotal to partake of Bogan Bingo! Not for the faint hearted or those who don't like like crude jokes and a bit of swearing. All in all a funny evening!

Being such a lovely warm night, we had a drink sitting outside and were the last to leave the pub at midnight!

Sunday was a hot 36C so we just stayed home and chilled all day. I made nachos for our lunch...


I made bread rolls to have with our roast dinner - here are the girls having an afternoon snack - rolls hot out of the oven, buttered with vegemite!

I roasted an easy carve leg of lamb...

Mumma bear's roast ...

Bri took over the kitchen to make apple galettes for dessert ...

What's not to like about puff pastry, apple, apricot jam, sugar and cinnamon...

Still a slave to my girls, I knocked up a chicken and corn mornay for them.

I'm wearing Kirb's apron that I gave her for Christmas. I bought it online from Retro Butterfly and it's really comfy and well made. Here's the link to Michelle's site -

They will have it served in vol au vents for dinner ...

Then it was time to take me to the plane to fly home again.


I bought this novel at the airport to read on the way home. I got through a few chapters - it has some interesting stories from our nurses of the outback. Bri will enjoy it when I've finished it!


So now I am home, the washing machine is doing overtime as Gus and I are off to Melbourne tomorrow to deliver two cars! No rest for the wicked!

~ cheers - Joolz xx



  1. As usual everything looks so yummy. And I have to say what a cute apron out of the granny-square print fabric!

  2. It all looks delicious. I especially like the warm chicken salad with pumpkin. I will have to do some experimenting on that one.
    blessings, jill

  3. All that yummy food! I also love that apron. Did you make it by any chance? That fabric looks great. Enjoy your trip to Melbourne. Boy, it is a long time since I have been there! Over thirty years.

    1. No, I'm not that clever! Its beautifully made - I have added the link to where I bought it online.
      Only a fleeting visit to Melbourne - drive two cars over to deliver then pick up two cars and drive home! We do love Melbourne though and we got to stay with friends overnight.

  4. Yum, lots of hearty cooking, your girls did get spoilt! That book looks interesting.

  5. Gosh it looks so warm and sunny that I wanted to jump on a plane and join you - and isn't it supposed to be autumn? Here it's sunny but still only 5C!

    All of the food looks great! I particularly liked the Beetroot and goats cheese pizza and the apple galettes (something that I'd quite forgotten about, but will make for a dinner on Saturday now that you've jogged my memory - seved on warm zabaglione... yum!)

  6. I am so hungry just looking at all that beautiful food! Would love the recipe for the chicken and corn mornay :)

  7. Now that all looks like beautiful food! You have two gorgeous daughters xx


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