Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day ...


I made my beloved some sugar cookies...

I whipped them up after work and had to stash them away in Bri's bedroom so he wouldn't find them! I think I had them baked and iced within an hour, even cooled them off in front of the fan!

When I arrived at work on Friday, these were waiting for me! Beautiful!

Joolz xx



  1. WOW what a week weekend you have had. Congratulations on the award it always feels good when your hard work pays off. It looks like Sydney even put on some nice weather for you.

  2. Wow, such lovely red roses! Very romantic :-)

  3. Gees you're quick in the kitchen; shortbread and icing takes me forever. Lovely flowers.

  4. Congratulations to you both of a wonderful achievement. i bet you were blown away when you realised that it was your business that they were talking about. lol
    your such an inspiration on your blog, i can only imagine you would be the same in person, so well deserved i would say.

    i have been testing out some of your recipes and links and to my surprise they are working out edible at least. haha I'm normally just the basic meat and 3 veg sort of cook but have been having a go at biscuits, slices and bread rolls. etc
    i did make tortillas and they were quite good as well.
    i do make my own bread every day in my bread machine, as my grandkids have allergies to the yeast inhibitor in most bought breads.
    i was wondering if you have posted your bread roll recipe, as i cant seem to find it on your blog.
    i;ve attempted several recipes for bread rolls, not to bad immediately but certainly not for sending in the little cherubs lunchbox.
    i have been reading your blog for many years now and just love it.
    So thank you for keeping me entertained for many years.

  5. I would also be interested in bread rolls recipe. Congrats on the award Joolz!! The bikkies look amazing :) x


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