Friday, February 14, 2014

Exciting Sydney!

We headed to Sydney last Thursday for a rather exciting weekend. Gus attended a conference on Friday while I joined other wives for a cooking demonstration with Peter Gilmore, chef at Quay Restaurant.

Not a bad view ...
To start ... Beetroot crumb and goats cheese tarts, tiny delicious morsels!

Quail wraps...

The absolutely best crab cake with lime aioli I have ever eaten!

Peter, about to segment a grapefruit...

Freezing the grapefruit with liquid nitrogen, when pulverised the flesh separates into tiny pearls of grapefruit flesh which stays frozen long enough to serve in the beautiful dish below.

Sashimi of Harvey Bay sea scallops,grapefruit, bergamot jam,green mango, almonds, elder flowers

Congee of Northern Australian mud crab,fresh palm heart, egg yolk emulsion.


He was very charming and happy to answer our questions.

Gently braised quail, morel cream, brioche porridge, hazelnut floss. Seriously delicious despite looking rather strange.


Tiny lemon curd tarts for dessert...

It was a great couple of hours and lots of fun!


Cheers - Joolz xx


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  1. What a lot of fun. I love that tiny lemon curd tart - I'd do almost anything for a bite of a lemony dessert. Sydney looks fantastic as usual. Look at those blue cloudless skies!


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