Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bread rolls ...

I found the recipe for these rolls on a blog called Regina's Simple Life. Her blog disappeared back in October before I could write down the recipe (I just kept going back to the blog each time I made them - note to self: write it down!). Anyhoo, I happened to find a snipet of her blog in my reading list and it listed the ingredients and quantities but not the method. I have written the recipe how I think it should go and haven't had a flop yet. Regina returned to her blog in January but it has disappeared again which is a shame.
The rolls above don't have anything brushed on them but you could brush with milk and sprinkle seeds if you want but I find they just fall off and make a mess!

Yesterday, I made Banana Bread from this blog


Anzac Biscuits - always a favourite - make sure your oven is nice and hot.

This is Lazy Lady Slice - so good and chocolatey and all mixed in a saucepan so there's not much wash up! Inner Pickle is a lovely blog ...


For dinner, Gus did a mini Rack of Lamb in the Weber, salad and Moroccan spiced potatoes, bread roll is by me (for these, I rolled 3 small balls of dough and plopped them in muffin tins - they pull apart quite nicely)


That was my Saturday. I also cleaned my car from top to bottom and seem to have hurt my right arm (its a long time since I have washed a car - the perks of driving a company car!). I woke up during the night and it was really aching (a real dull ache) so I took a couple of Panadol Osteo but it took a while to get back to sleep. I'd better take it easy today, eh? Oh, first I'm going out for coffee with some friends then delivering those goodies to someone who's not well.

Cheers for now, Joolz xx




  1. You have been busy! That Lazy Lady slice looks great. My man is a huge chocolate lover, so that might make a good afternoon tea slice for him next week. I like something that you mix in one saucepan - brilliant!

    And I managed to track down Rachel Khoo's book and watched a few snippets of the program that we downloaded, so I'll be making that quiche this week.

  2. Oh how I wish right now as I pack lunchbox after lunchbox I had your baking!!!! I just hopped on to find some arvo tea ideas for the to find time and energy to make some things :)

  3. Thanks Joolz for the bread roll recipe, worked out fairly good for my first attempt, considering I don't have an oven at the moment. I'm just using a little toaster oven on the bench. Loved the chocolate slice. One pan always a winner in this house. I can't believe how much baking you achieve with your busy lifestyle. Love your recipes. Thanks

    1. I have the advantage of knocking off work at about 4pm if its not busy at work. That gives me time to plan a nice dinner for my hubby and make bread etc. We eat quite late (usually 7.30 - 8pm) which is not ideal but I always wait to eat with my hubby. I'm glad you enjoyed the recipes!


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