Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What I've been up to...

I wrote ths past last Friday and didn't get to post it but thought I may as well anyway. I'll be back with what we got up to on the long weekend a bit later.
Friday, 24th January, 2014
Making: plans for this weekend. We have friends coming from Melbourne and Kirby is coming home too! Excited!
Baking: more bread rolls in preparation for this Australia Day long weekend. Also I will make lamingtons to have with our cuppas.
Drinking: good red wine, some tea and water.
Reading: Secret Daughter byShilpi Somaya Gowda - enjoying it so far but its slow going as I am tired at night.
Playing: with a new app on my ipad - it has jigsaw puzzles and its quite fun and very relaxing with nice music!
Sewing: not much. I have a top I'd like to take in a bit and there is a supermarket bag that has a hole in it.
Hoping: the weather is fabbo for this weekend - might even get my first swim in for summer!
Bookmarking: some good things here and there...
Wearing: black 3/4 pants (what else!) and a black and white top that I bought in Macy's in San Fran.
Waiting for lots of things to arrive from Fishpond - novels, Bruce Springsteen CD, Rick Stein's India cook book...
Liking: todays temperature - a very liveable 25C.
Knowing: I will be knackered after this weekend...
Wasting: time on the interwebs when I could be knitting, cross stitching, baking, reading... but I love surfing.

Enjoying: Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home on ABC1... 
... and The Hoarder Next Door - I just can't imagine living like this! 
 Oh, my goodness!
I'm looking forward to my other favourite TV shows starting up again - My Kitchen Rules & The Block !
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. I'm loving Kevin McClouds show to!! It's amazing what he has done and how he powered the battery last week was incredible. Though I don't think I could use the soap he made makes me feel yuck just thinking about it. Last one this week:(

  2. ps Forgot to say that the first time I watched a hoarders show I was astounded that people can live like that, but the next day I was into our cupboards and that started a huge declutter from then on.

    1. Yes, I am the same! I tossed a plastic tray from some fruit I bought up into my pantry yesterday and as I did, I yelled "Hoarder!"

  3. we have hoarder type shows over here in Canada and I can't believe how some folk live. I am still sticking with my getting rid of 25 or more things per week challenge I set myself at the beginning of the year.

    1. I have a book cupboard that is overflowing with cook books. The second layer in hasn't been looked at for over 5 years so I need to get in there and purge that lot! I am pretty good in other areas.

  4. Ha! When I need to clean house, and I am really NOT in the mood, I turn on a 'hoarders' show and like magic I AM in the mood. :) I just finished reading "The House We Grew Up In" by Lisa Jewell about a family where the mother was a hoarder.

  5. Have enjoyed reading your posts. I watched The Hoarders for the first time the other night on iview....oh my goodness alright! We love THe Block too and glad to see Dale back, he's good for a laugh! I've lost my blogging mojo of late but still enjoy reading others. Hopefully I will get the urge again soon to post something!


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