Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blue skies ...


It's so nice to see the sun out again. We've had overcast weather for days and temps in the very low 20's.

My garden is still blooming, although it will be a few weeks until the carpet roses flush again. I am waiting on my 'Black Magic' agapanthus to pop. It is usually out by Februart so I guess I'm impatient.

I have aggys popping up all over the garden, sellf sown! I should probably re-place them in better spots. They are filling spaces at the moment and stopping the weeds so thats a bonus.

I think I will be waiting until next Christmas for tomatoes. So far, I have harvested 7, count them, 7 cherry!

These toms have been this size for about a month. We just haven't had the summer heat to bring them on.

Plenty there and there are lots of flowers so we just need some sun.



Here is just a hint of colour. I'd better watch it so the slugs or birds don't get it first!

Gus has planted coriander seeds in this old pot, they've popped up quickly and the leaves are just starting to look like coriander.


I made this fish pie on Monday for dinner. Turned out very expensive but was totally delicious and we got 5 serves out of it.

Topped with potato, it had whiting fillets and smoked salmon in it. Next time I would use a can of salmon and cheaper white fish. The smoked salmon did give it a beautiful rich flavour though.

Have been trying hard to be good with my eating. Lunch is a struggle for me as I like to have bread. I tend to crash in the afternoons if I dont have those carbs. I will confess I haven't been walking yet. Monday was so windy and bed seemed a better option. I did do a lot of vacuuming at work so that was good exercise. I might go this afternoon after work. I will lay out my clothes ready to go.

Better get going for the day,

Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. Your garden looks so fresh and lovely. We have had days of 45 degree days here and my garden is blahhhhhh, the heat really knocked it around. That fis pie does look good....

  2. Your garden is huge compared to mine ( I can give mine a hand water and it takes me 10 minutes tops). I hope all is not lost and you can get it back once you get a bit of rain and reprieve from those hot temps. We have barely had summer down here - I have had my air con on once!

  3. Garden is looking great Joolz xx

  4. We have the same problem trying to get tomatoes to grow and ripen in the Dandenong Ranges. Too much shade, not enough hot weather.
    Anne xx

  5. Your tomatoes remind me of the ones I tried to grow last summer. Spring arrived late, so the ground was posibly too cold when I planted them. I think I ended up with 10 tomates from three plants. Each tomato cost about $1.20!

    I love your agapanthus. I had both purple and white ones in my Adelaide garden and loved the fact that they grew anywhere. They are strictly glasshouse plants here.

    I see that you've not had much of a summer as yet. Our winter is non existent as well, so I wonder what is going on in the world. I see the "experts" stopped talking about "Global Warming" and statred on "Climate Change" :-)

  6. That fish pie looks great Joolz. I love my bread at lunch time too and have substituted with wraps which have less calories and carbs. I never knew tomatoes would be so hard to grow - I have problems with mine due to the heat...can't win :)

  7. We've had our first tomato! Izzy ate it like an apple, she let me have a bite and it was so tasty! No more since, but this weather will probably bring them on, all at once lol. Yum, I love fish pie, and you've reminded me to get some coriander, I love it in a mixed bean salad :)


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