Wednesday, December 4, 2013

That Best Ever Chocolate Sheet Cake ...

 This Pioneer Woman cake was a real winner when I made it for Kirby's birthday last weekend...
 It fits in a large sponge roll/slice tin.  I found it needed a little extra cooking time so that the middle was done (can you see the knife marks?)...
Note:  a stick of butter is 125 gms so 2 sticks, 250 gms.
 Oh, the frosting is just to die for!  There was a bit too much of this too so it started to ooze over the sides of the tin!  I didn't put nuts in the icing as we are not big on them.  Its a good cake for a small crowd as its very rich so one small square is probably enough (for most).  I sent some off to Brianna's boyfriend and Kirby also took some to work on Monday.  The never-ending cake!
Lovely and moist but light too!
The recipe link is here - I found that the printable version has a bit of a mistake in the 'method'.  It doesn't mention adding in the dry ingredients when mixing the cake so it is best to follow along with the the pictorial version on Ree's blog, here.

Cheers - Joolz xx

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