Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gluten Free Christmas Cake

I googled for a recipe, not having made a gluten free anything much before. The recipe sounded good and straight-forward and it all came together nicely. Tip #1 - with recipes with lots of ingredients, always read through the recipe so you know where each ingredient needs to go. You don't want to go melting butter, if its meant to be creamed...

Here's the link -


These are all the dry ingredients, lots of spices ...

So much fruit - 1 kilogram to be exact! The sultanas, raisins, cherries (and I added currants to make up the weight) had to be soaked in 2/3 cup of brandy for 3-4 days so it was nice and plump.

Grated zest of 1 lemon and orange...
Mixing the fruit with the flour and spices. I forgot to take pics of the eggs and creamed butter, sugar and treacle. I had bowls of stuff everywhere.
Hint #2 - set out your bowls ready to mix each step!


Here is the cake in it's spring-form tin. The base has 2 layers of newspaper plus 2 layers of baking paper to protect from over browning and the inside of the tin is lined with baking paper and has 2 layers of newspaper tied around the outside of the tin. There is no way this puppy is going to burn or stick!


Ready for the oven...


Three hours later, the house smalled delicious and I was well pleased with myself!


I think its perfect. Of course, until its cut, I'll never know! Once it cooled, I brushed its bottom and top with more brandy (hic!) and have tucked it away in a container. Just before I give it, I will top it with brazil nuts, cherries and dried apricots, glazed with apricot jam... (pic to come).
I might have a day off from baking today. I got some gardening done yesterday so a bit more weeding needs to be done and I have some petunias to plant out to add a bit more colour.
And the tree! I really need to get that up too!
What are you up to today? Running around like a headless chook?
Cheers - Joolz xx


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