Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Gingerbread ...


After making the Candy Cane cookies and Cherry Shortbreads earlier in the week, I also made a big batch of what we call Sookie St James chocolate chip cookies (remember Sookie from Gilmore girls?). They have milk, dark and white choc in them plus a hit of coffee! Brianna took them to work at the hospital to share with everyone on her shift.
I made the gingerbread dough on Thursday but let it rest in the fridge until Friday when I started rolling it out. It doesn't take long to cook so I soon had lots of stars and trees to decorate.


I used a recipe for Royal Icing which is 1 cup of icing sugar, 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 egg white. Whip the egg white until frothy but firm then add in the juice and icing sugar and beat until smooth. I did add a little more icing sugar so it was a bit stiffer.


What do you think of my Aussie biscuits? I was really pleased with these. After about an hour, I had red and green icing dripping off me and most surfaces in my kitchen, oh my!
Most of the cookies were given away on Friday to the girls at the bank where I go each day, a bag to the girls at the post office and some are winging their way to a far off destination! Joolz's December of Cookies! I have more batches to make this coming week.
Next up, a gluten free Christmas Fruit cake which I am giving as a present.
Cheers - Joolz xx



  1. I love those Aussie biscuits! You've decorated them beautifully as well. What a terrific idea. I must google for those biscuit cutters as they'd make a fun gift over here. As an aside, my dog would have been overjoyed to help you "clean up" the kitchen afterwards - icing is something she loves :-)

    We mostly make ginger thins over here. They're not quite the same as the gingerbread I remember from Australia, but still very yummy. One makes the dough, then you rest it for at least a day. I generally make a big batch in late November, then keep it in the fridge in portions wrapped in gladwrap. You can then quickly roll out a small amount and make fresh ginger thins all December.

  2. The decorations are fantastic. The Aussie shortbread is a cute and I bet delicious addition to your baking collection. We made salt dough shortbread today; it took hours!


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