Saturday, November 9, 2013

Unplugging and giving up ...

It's a cold, blustery day here today. I made these bread rolls this morning but they did not turn out very good...
They should really look like the ones below, but the dough was a bit too wet and they collapsed during the second rise. I tried twaking another recipe that I have. They still taste good, they just don't look that crash hot!
These are Regina's rolls that I made and have lost her recipe for. I'd still like to know why her blog suddenly closed down.
They will be fine to enjoy with my slow cooked spaghetti sauce (I am using pork chops, lamb chops, rump steak and pancetta) and homemade pasta that I am making tomorrow.
Now, I am going to unplug and do some cross stitch this afternoon. I've given up on bread making this weekend!  I will show you my stitching progress later.
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. A cold and blustery day - I'm moving to SA!! I told my husband today that we should move to TAS but he thought they wouldn't have his line of work there but SA does lol!!!!

    We had 38 here today with humidity, and I am over summer before it even starts (is that possible???). Then I decided a cool glass of wine would be good but it didn't help, I might have to join the beer lovers to get some relief, I'm that desperate (lol).

    I would serve the rolls up as scones with jam and cream, nobody here would know the difference as my scones resemble rolls/rock cakes.

    Enjoy the cool and if possible send it to me pllleeaaassssee!!!

  2. Sometimes, no matter how well you follow the recipe, things - especially bread - just doesn't turn out the way it should. I used to make bread "by hand" and enjoyed the process. But my new Jojirushi virtuoso bread maker has spoiled me! I can have a wonderful loaf of whole wheat bread in about three hours. I just dump the ingredients in and it does the rest!

  3. I'm with Louise Jane I have sat in the cool of the house all week-end it has bee 35 plus here as well...The pool is clean as I keep going in to vacuum it...hahaha


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