Friday, September 27, 2013

Dabbling in a bit of crochet ...

Kirby thought it would be nice if I crocheted her a granny square rug for Christmas.  I got out some wool and hopped on Youtube for a tutorial.   It all came flooding back to me... well sort of!
(photo - Attic24)
She'd like something like this one by Lucy at Attic24.  I can only dream!  I think if I started it, I might get it finished in 2033!  We'll see.
Cheers - Joolz xx


  1. I'm sure you will get it done by 2033!!! I have been hit by the crochet/knitting bug too (normally I am an embroider/patchworker). I am stockpiling baby things that sometime in the distant future (probaly 2033 lol) my younger cousins and family friends might use.

    When you finish it for Kirby it will be a lovelly and will be used for generations, which is such a nice thought.

  2. Oh Joolz, I do enjoy crochet and granny squares are my favorite :) Enjoy the process... m.

  3. Ah the beauty of crochet is you can give her a small rug and next year expand it and the year after that! A gift that keeps growing and giving, nice one!

  4. Have fun with your crochet. Such a relaxing hobby.
    Anne xx


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