Friday, June 28, 2013

Praying for Jane ...

My niece Jane is very ill, it is likely she has pneumonia.  She is being flown by air ambulance to Adelaide.  Jane was born with cerebral palsy and is 33 years old. If you are so inclined, please say a prayer for our precious girl.  Thank you xxx
Update Saturday pm: Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.  Jane remains in the ICU at Flinders and it seems its gastrointestinal trouble which has caused stress on her lungs and heart so she is being sedated to lessen that stress.  Her parents report that she is stable and comfortable, receiving excellent care and getting the royal treatment from the fantastic doctors and nurses so that is nice to hear.
 - Joolz xx


  1. said a prayer and hope she gets better soon.....


  2. Sending Prayers your way for a speedy recovery for your special Niece!

  3. I will. Hope she gets better soon.

  4. Hi Joolz
    so sorry to hear this, saying prayers as asked. Hope all is well soon
    Judy xx

  5. I am so very sorry. She will be in my prayers.

  6. So sorry to hear your niece is ill. I'll be thinking of her.
    Anne xx


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