Thursday, January 10, 2013

Still having problems with picture uploads ...

I have discovered that I can load pictures from my PC at work but not at home - the 'choose files' button is there at work but not at home when I click on the little picure .

I use Mozilla Firefox both a work and home - is it a browser thing ??

Is this to do with photo space available.  I haven't been getting any messages saying I have used all my space... not sure what to do now!

Edited to add:  I downloaded the latest version of Mozilla and it still wouldn't load.  I have just logged in using Google Chrome and had no problem loading pictures from my pc files to Blogger.  The Choose Files button is there... but I must add that the pictures that have loaded stay there even when you do another separate post.  ??? Weird!

- Joolz (aka totally frustrated!)


  1. Someone said it has to do with your browser. I can't use Internet Explorer. I have to use Google Chrome or Safari.

  2. Hi Joolz, I tried to use Internet Explorer and it wouldn't download photos, we have Mozilla Firefox at work too so I tried that and I could use it through Firefox but not Internet Explorer. I know some other sites I use for work didn't work with Internet Explorer so we had to go over to Firefox. That's wierd that you can't use Firefox at home!! I'm not very technically minded so I have no idea...could have something to do with my blonde hair maybe..haha! Good Luck.

  3. Oh happy day! This rang a bell for me. I KNEW that sometime in the last few days I had been able to easily add photos, but I couldn't remember what could possibly have made the difference. Now I do, it was the day I used Google Chrome. I just tried it again, and it worked. Thanks for jarring my memory!


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