Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I got my plate stand up on the wall yesterday and I am really pleased with how the plates look.  I have two Spode plates (which are part of a set of 4) but I can't find the other two anywhere - I've tried Spode on-line, eBay, google search and just can't seem to find them.  It seems they are out of production.   Anyway, when I spied the middle plate in the antique shop yesterday and it was $25, I just had to snap it up!


  1. Love the plates. Blue and White china is my all time favourite.

    I have a Spode Blue Italian dinner set. A few years ago Spode stopped making it in England and it is now made in china and the quality is not quite as good. I source second hand pieces from eBay but from the US and England. Have you tried international eBay sellers?

    Take care Joolz.

  2. They look fantastic, Joolz, your new plate is a lovely match. I collect Blue Willow plates and have 2 teapots in the same.
    Have a great week and get knitting those cloths lol You can use them as facecloths too ;)

  3. blue and white crockery gets me everytime I LOVE it.. i have plates i still need to get up on the wall..eventually

  4. HI Joolz,
    love the blue and white plates, I too collect them.
    Not sure if you know but I have started a new blog: passionateaboutcreating.blogspot.com you can link it from my other blog. It's about stuff I like creating, cooking, gardening, art and more
    Love for you to follow me
    steph from GratefulMovement2012


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