Monday, November 19, 2012

Pizzas in the Weber BabyQ ...

I found this video which explains perfectly how to cook pizzas in the Weber BabyQ with a pizza stone.
(Supreme ready for the oven)
Down at the beach, I was in charge of cooking.  I had chopped up all the ingredients so it was a matter of rolling the dough, assembling and placing on the pizza tray and stone.
(Hawaiian ham & pineapple)
Cooking times were a bit longer due to the elements (strong southerly winds) so each pizza took at least 35 minutes.  It was a progressive dinner for the four of us!
I made a double batch of pizza dough just before we left at 2.30pm.  I put it in this plastic container and it happily rose while we made our way to the beach.  It was perfect when I started cooking, hours later.
(Barbecue chicken, mushroon & bocconcini cheese)
Another Supreme - by this time, I had the timing down pat and the crust was super crunchy.  This was the last one for the evening, we were feeling quite stuffed! 
More pics of the weekend later,
Cheers - Joolz


  1. They look good Joolz! I love homemade pizza...


  2. that does look yummy. One of our sons main gifts this yea for Christmas is a high end pizza stone that can be used on the BBQ, as he loves to BBQ. Bought him a pizza cookery book to go with it as well.




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