Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It was good ...

My corned beef was quite nice and tasty - this is how I served it, with mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, green beans and a white mustard cheese sauce.


Tanya suggested I buy from my local butcher and ditch the supermarkets - unfortunately the only privately owned and 4th generation run family butcher in our small town shut up shop many years ago so we have to rely on the 3 supermarkets in our town for meat or drive a 100 km round trip to our regional centre. They do have some lovely butcher shops! But because I work, I can only get there maybe once a month.


Bri is home doing a nursing placement at Community Health in our regional centre hospital. Yesterday she was out and about with the CH nurse, visiting clients in their homes and changing dressings. They visited 2 amputees, a lady with such poor circulation that her toes are black, a lady with a skin tear bordering on an ulcer and a lady who has had her entire bowel removed due to cancer and a few others. It was a busy day and she saw some confronting, eye-opening things but she said it was so interesting. She loves watching 'Embarrassing Bodies' (as do I) so nothing much shocks her! Today she is in the Women's Health section at the hospital.


A beautiful sunny day here, coolish but sunny none the less!

Cheers - Joolz


  1. So glad it was good! It's nice to hear about Bri's placement as well. Very interesting.

  2. Glad it was good! Bri will be loving her placement and you are lucky to have her home for a week, except for the messy room,lol.

  3. Loving post Joolz, and that corned beef looks delicious.

    Glad Bri is enjoying her chosen work.
    I love this saying "If you enjoy your job you will never work a day in your life!"


  4. that looks yummy, I never make corned beef, no idea why?


  5. I have never had corned beef with a sauce before. It looks really yummy. I may have to look around and find a recipe like that.



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