Friday, June 22, 2012

Good luck with your exams....

(Bri (on left) and her friend, Kate)
The first semester of Uni is over and Bri has her first Nursing exam today. Here she is washing her 'patient' which is a clinical dummy. It has all working parts and can have its blood pressure and pulse taken, heart monitored, intravenous drip inserted etc. Nursing staff have to use correct bedside manner when dealing with these 'patients' by calling them by their proper name, telling them what procedure they are performing and asking them if they are comfortable etc.
Good luck today, Bri - we are sure you will do really well!
Love Mum & Dad xxxxxxxx


  1. Fingers crossed for a great result. Let us know how she goes! Is Bri enjoying her nursing studies Julie?

  2. Hope it goes well Bri, which I'm sure it will. With such a lovely smile I am sure your bedside manner wins that 'ole' dummy over everytime!!

  3. Great photo, I'm sure it would create a few laughs at first having to talk to such a lifelike dummy!! I've always been curious too as to why the seasons are different, and now we know..thanks for asking the question!

  4. nursing..fab someone to look after you when your old hehe! welldone daughter of joolz


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