Thursday, June 7, 2012

Daily bread...

This is the loaf I made on Sunday to have with the Pea & Ham soup...
The soup was delicious with lots of smoky flavour from the ham hock. Soup and hot buttered toast - Yum!
I finished another dish cloth and was really pleased with this pattern. Once again I was sweating because I only ended up with about 30cms of yarn left over. This is quite a large cloth and took a whole ball to make it.
I have another purple one on the go at the moment...
knit, purl, knit, purl...


  1. Love your bread and soup Joolz and that dishcloth pattern is very pretty :)

    I am lazy when I make dishcloths, I attempted a new pattern I hadn't tried before but failed miserably, so I think I will stick to the easy ones, it is only a dishcloth after all...


  2. Yum. Your the dishcloth queen! I love the patterns. Thanks for introducing me to the photo a day, I'm really enjoying having a subject, as it's making my blogging easier

  3. Your soup and bread look delish to the max!

  4. But, Joolz, you didn't link to the pattern for this one! It's beautiful!


  5. You soup & bread looked very scrummy. We are having soup tonight here @ the simple things too. This morning I made a big pot of oxtail soup & it has been bubbling & blurbing all day.

    Have a great weekend Joolz

  6. So interesting to see that someone across the world from me cooks the same kind of food! We have pea soup in the fall and winter, but often with cornbread. That beautiful loaf of bread looks delicious!

  7. Mmmm your bread and soup look so yummy!

    I really must knit some dishcloths, yours look so nice.

    Julie x

  8. Yes indeed...what a beautiful loaf...I'm having cauli and tatie soup right now for my lunch.
    What yarn did you use for your gorgeous dishcloth?



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