Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Chorus Line

I am off to see this spectacular production tonight! One of the lead actors comes from our town - Euan Doidge - so it will be great to see him perform.

My quick review: ACL provides a glimpse into the lives of 17 dancers, vying for 8 spots in the chorus line. Each character has a story to tell so we go through the motions of that. I was quite surprised and disappointed at the language (the F-bomb way too many times, tits and ass, rape etc) especially seeing there were many young children in the audience (you could tell there were lots of budding dancers there). Obviously that was in the original script but I think many would think twice about letting an 8 year old see the performance again. Maybe I'm just getting old...

Anyway, all in all, a polished performance and Euan did a fine job, he sang brilliantly in his solo.


Cheers - Joolz


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