Monday, October 24, 2011

My baby turned 18 years old!

Brianna's birthday cake...
18 years ago we had a second bundle of joy...
~Me think someone in Taiwan can't spell...
Brianna & Kirby. The theme for Brianna's 18th party was Bad Taste Op Shop... friends were told to go and spend about $10 on an outfit (as tacky as you like) - the charity shops did a roaring trade!
Brianna and Maddy
A family portrait...
The guests (all of which were Bri's Yr 11/12 school friends) danced, yelled, sang, drank and ate until the wee hours - it was a very long, long night...
Brianna and her cake...
After lunch on Sunday, we were sitting out on the lawn when a bird flew over and ahem... shat on Brianna! I have always considered this to be lucky - she did not! It reminds me of a little rhyme -
Birdy, birdy flying high
dropped a message from the sky.
As I wiped it from my eye,
I said 'thank the Lord that cows don't fly!'
It was a huge weekend but Brianna had the best time with all her school friends who were for the most part, very well behaved. I have vowed never to throw another party at our house, however, for my health and sanity.

Cheers - Joolz


  1. you have two very beautiful daughters. A bird pooped on my wedding dress train and we have now been married 28 years, so it must have brought us luck as well.

    Love the cake,

    Gill in Canada

  2. Happy Birthday to Briana! October is a big birthday month around our house...I'm thinking/hoping that I may get a dinner out tonight because of it! :)



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