Sunday, June 19, 2011

A missing moggie and pot-roasted pork...

Our mogster, Bonnie hadn't been seen since Friday. I was pondering this, this afternoon and said to Gus - I don't suppose she is out in the big shed? Sure enough, she was. He lifted the roller door and she shot out like greased lightening! Poor thing hadn't had anything to eat since Friday night! She scoffed down a serve of Whisker's casserole and some dry food then took off out of our garage. I don't think she wants to be locked in tonight!
This was dinner on Thursday night - Chicken Enchiladas a la Joolz.
We have had a very lazy weekend. We were going to go 'glamping' in Ruby this weekend, over in Victoria but the weather just couldn't get me enthused to spend 2 nights at a camping spot, where there is nothing but a 'long drop' toilet. Once we pitch the tent off Ruby we cannot go for a drive anywhere so if the weather is bad, we are confined to the small tent. Had the weather been fine, we could go fishing in the reservoir there or just walk for miles and sit by the camp fire. I think we made the right choice to stay home - all our gear would be muddy and wet and that is hard to clean and get dry in this weather. Next free weekend with fine weather, we will be off!
Angus is cooking Manu Feildel's Pot-roasted Pork with Prunes for dinner - this is the plated up dish.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. So glad you found Bonnie. I couldn't imagine going camping this weekend brr...Have you checked out Pinterest for recipes? There some fantastic dishes. Those enchildas look delish.


  2. I am sure Bonnie was happy to see you!

    Relaxing weekends are often the best kind.


  3. Poor Bonnie! So glad you thought about the shed! We had the exact same thing happen once, and I've always been so glad that it happened in winter for us too...if it had been the heat of our summer, it could have had a very sad outcome.



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