Monday, June 6, 2011

Menu plan for the week... I have no clue!

I've been looking online for inspiration for meals for the week and have come up with zip, nada, nought, zero! Nil enthusiasm, Sharon! (to quote Kath and Kim!)
Tonight we have having a slap up meal...
Lazy Beef Stroganoff - basically a Continental Pasta mix - Creamy mushroom & bacon - with a pack of stir-fry beef, mushrooms and onions in it and some frozen steamed carrots/corn & broccoli. Is that bad, am I bad wife/Mumma? (I love that Bri calls me Mumma xxx)
We had a lovely chicken meal last night - Angus did Tuscan Chicken - it had garlic and lemon in under the skin and it was stuffed with lemon, thyme and rosemary. He cooked it in the weber and I did a potato bake and carrots and peas and gravy to go with it. I also did homemade bread (dough in bread maker) which was nice too. Then of course, we had the apple/berry pie for dessert....there is enough leftover for tonight so that makes a pretty good nosh up if you ask me!
Cheers - Joolz


  1. You know Brenton has called me that since he could first talk and still does. Melts ma heart!

  2. If you think you are a bad mother and wife, I must be HORRIBLE! My poor hubby is LUCKY ....(if) I cook something. Or I should say UNLUCKY because I am so terrible at cooking. I look at your posts and my mouth just waters because I think even your poor meals are delicious and would make my husband.....go to Australia for a decent meal! LOL hugs....linda



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