Monday, June 20, 2011

Brrr... baby, it's cold outside!

It is truly a winter's day here today. It is blowing a gale, straight off the Southern Ocean, everything is getting whipped around and the rain is pelting down. It is currently 13C.
Pity I have to go to work, I'd much rather hunker down and do some quiet stitching or reading. The office waits for no man!
Stay warm,



  1. I think this weather has missed us Joolz.

    Was windy today, and 20C. Even picked up a bit of dirt. Then it died down for a bit, but I can hear the wind rattling things outside now as I type. Hope we get some rain, if only a little bit...

  2. Hard to believe that it's winter time across the world! Blazing HOT here, although there were some really nice breezes this morning!
    I'm going to look for a recipe for that pot roast--I love prunes and it looks wonderful! You made a wise decision to forego camping!
    I will only camp outdoors in autumn!

  3. I bet you would Joolz, I know the feeling I'm in the office today getting ahead of myself for tax time. Only 10days to go.


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