Monday, May 30, 2011

Autumn is all but over...

In the Southern Hemisphere (Australia), it is our second to last day of Autumn. Goodness, where have the past 3 months gone? Our silver birch trees haven't even lost their leaves yet!
The mornings are dark and will get bleaker now but I think if I blink, it will soon be September 1st and Spring will be banging on the back door!
I play at being a barista in the mornings. Bri likes to take a Vanilla Latte on the bus with her (and sometimes a toasted sandwich too if she is running late for breakfast). It's a tinned variety so I only have to heat milk and add it. We runs like a well oiled machine in the mornings - we leave the house at 7.35 and zip down to the bus stop only about 500m away and at 7.38am the bus comes around the corner and Bri gathers her heavy school bag and laptop and latte and hops on the bus. Then she has a 45 minute ride to school. The bus driver is very punctual so we never miss it.
Menu Plan for this week (2 adults, 1 teenager)
Monday : Lamb chops and ...................... (insert inspiration)
Tuesday :Pasta of some kind (maybe cannelloni)
Wedesday : Steak, salad, tomato & zucchini bake and a slow-baked potato
Thursday : Stir-fry chicken
Friday : homemade pizzas
I'll let you know how I go with this plan and I usually decide in the afternoon each day what we will have.


  1. I like the cooler weather but not the sickies that go around this time of year. I have teenage son home sick atm.

    Yes Spring will be here before we know it...and then Christmas again, wish the world would slow down a bit.


  2. What about some ratatouille with the chops....yum1 Quick and easy and often enough left over to have on taost the nest day...

  3. Gee I so need to re read my comments eh?....Thats what happens typing with a baby in arms!


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