Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh, puleeez!!!

I feel like chopping my head off this morning. My lips have flared up again this morning. Will consult with the chemist this morning as to if I should take second lot of Famvir tablets. I have also got a muscle spasming in my neck which is killing me - at least I have a Bowen Therapy appointment this afternoon to sort it out). I am at my wits end with these sore lips! I look horrible, feel horrible and its been going on for a week now! Aaaaaaaaarrrgh!!!!!!
Not happy, Jan!


  1. O you poor thing, fancy flaring up again I think you do need some r&r
    Feel free to post another up nose shot though as this really made my day lol...
    Get better soon

  2. oh not fun!! I hope they get better soon!!! Are you allergic to something you are eating? Mine swell up with carrot cake, have no idea what it in it that makes me swell, but don't really wanna try it to find out. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Take care. Hoping your pain is gone soon.

  4. You poor thing, hope you feel better soon. You need a holiday!

    Lisa x

  5. Oh no, would putting an ice-pack on maybe help a bit, I know it would be a pain holding it there, actually some ice-cubes in a plastic bag might be better than an ice-pack because you could throw the plastic bag out after using it, that way you wouldn't cross-contaminate with the cold sore virus.

  6. Hope you get sorted quickly Joolz!

  7. I know how miserable that feels!! My dad was the first in our family to get this - after suffering with it for months, he finally went to the Dermatologist who took one look and said "it's a reaction to gel toothpaste"-- sure enough years later my eldest daughter had the same reaction, and then me --so have you considered that?Ev en if you have used gel toothpaste for a long time with no trouble, you can develop an allergic sensitivity to it. Try eliminating toothpaste altogether for a few days -use just a little baking soda to brush with - or just water. Use a little cortisone cream and see if it gets better! Hope so

  8. Thanks for all your comments and good wishes.

    Toothpaste has been at the back of my mind so yes, I will stop that and see how I go - it sure does sting when I brush my teeth, no matter how carefully!

    Just had Bowen Therapy but still have the sharp twinge in my shoulder. I need to ice the shoulder and neck and try to take it easy. Another appointment scheduled for Wednesday. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks - Joolz


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