Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For today, Wednesday 9th March, 2011
Outside my is 8.30am and the sky is overcast and looks like rain. We are in autumn now but summer is just hanging on. We had drizzly rain yesterday but there was humidity in the air.
I am thinking... I must look for some warmer clothes. I hate clothes shopping (nothing fits right) but I threw out most of last winter's clothes so I'd better start hunting. Ugh!
I am thankful for... the cooler, more comfortable weather. I really dislike our summer heat and humidity.
From the kitchen ... this week I have made banana bread, scones, chicken chow mein pasties (to share with Kirby). I will make some biscuits this afternoon for one of Brianna's school friends, it's his birthday! Thumb print freckle cookies.
I am wearing... black 3/4 track pants and a white polo top and thongs.
I am creating... nothing today apart from a pain in my neck by sitting here.
I am going... to work then back for more Bowen Therapy for my neck today. If we can't stop the spasms happening then I am off to the doctors tomorrow.
I am reading... nothing at the moment. I fall asleep reading at night and there's no time during the days.
I am hoping... I get my neck pain under control and my sore lips continue to heal (Betadine ointment seems to be helping).
I am hearing... a wattle bird and corellas squarking outside, magpies too.
Around the house... quite tidy this morning. Need to straighten the kitchen, wipe over the main bathroom, put on a load of washing and fold one load.
Plans for the rest of the week... just work and hoping to feel better with my neck pain. It really is a pain in the neck, folks!
A picture I am sharing...
I have some plump tomatoes to pick from our few vines that we have in pots. There are still lots of fruit but the vines are shrivelling, I'm afraid I have neglected them a bit. And I didn't even see that pesky snail until I loaded this photo!
Have a lovely day, won't you,
Cheers - Joolz


  1. I'm glad to hear your lips are feeling better. That has to be a real problem. I, too, have neck pain from time to time. It can be very hard to sleep with it.

  2. I hope you lose the neck pain soon. It's the worst. I've suffered in the past, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I'm glad for the cooler weather too. I think we've had our share of heat and humidity.
    Lisa x


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