Friday, February 11, 2011

Too busy to blog...

Jeepers, another week has gone by. I've been busy at work and there's not much on my camera in the way of photos either.
My back garden is having a second flush of roses and doesn't look too bad at the moment after a bit of weeding last weekend.
~These are blueberry and white choc muffins that I made this week.
We are off four-wheel driving tomorrow so will have some pics later on Sunday.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Sounds like fun fwd-ing!
    But how yum do those berry muffins look! Everythings better with choc!

  2. The aggies seem to have been good everywhere this year, I love that intense blue colour on yours.

  3. The back garden is looking great...and those muffins m they would go well with my coffee about now....Enjoy your week end we are off to the Bunya Mountains today..

  4. Yes time flies when we are busy and hard to make time to blog, I think we ahve all been there.
    I made blueberry muffins too this week.

  5. You've got a nice day for your 4WD. Yesterday was funny weather.

    Lisa x



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