Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All clear...

Brianna's test results all came back with nothing to show as abnormal. Her levels were all normal so that doesn't shed any light on why she is so lethargic and has no appetite. Maybe it is the Deb Ball jitters, who knows? We'll get that out of the way then see how she goes. Thank you all for your well wishes.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. I hope you figure it out soon!! Poor thing. Is she low on iron, I always get that way when mine is down. I hope she has fun at the ball!!

  2. I've had thyroid testing four or five times for lethargy now, but they never found anything. Try taking B vitamins. They didn't work for me, but that's what everyone told me to do. I eventually resigned to it being who I am.

  3. Symptoms vaguely remind me of when I had mono when I was 17 (back in the dark ages). It took awhile to get a positive test reaction even though they were testing for it specifically, and I felt SO bad. If her lymph glands start swelling up, go back for more tests.


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