Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome Home Jessica !!!!!!!!!!

WoooHooo! Congratulations and
welcome home, Jessica!
This courageous 16 year old sailed back into Sydney Harbour this afternoon after 210 days at sea, having sailed around the world alone. Jess, you are a true inspiration to all Australians and especially the youth of Australia and the world. You did what you said you wanted to do...
We are so happy you are back safe and sound with your family and loved ones. Enjoy the accolades and don't go changing!
Joolz and family


  1. Is'nt she awesome!!! Just absolutley awesome!
    I cried through much of one hd's coverage.
    Partly from Goodwill and being proud of a fellow aussie and partly as I wondered what the heck I have done with the last 32 years or so of my life!!

  2. Jessica sure is one inspirational young women....Welcome home

  3. I watched her on the news last night, and was amazed at her maturity and grace! What an inspiration to all of us!
    I'll bet she's seriously enjoying her first lie-in this morning... :)
    Welcome home, Jessica!!

  4. OMGOSH!!!! Joolz, this is exactly like the kid who wrote the book "Dove!" Have you ever read it? If not, you would LOVE it. I think his name was Robin Graham. Can't wait to read the book Jessica will write. I LOVE this stuff.

    I'm so sorry I haven't been buy. I have JUST NOW REALIZED you are not in my reader! THAT's how I miss everything. FIXING THAT PROBLEM NOW.

  5. I must confess the news hasn't got to my bit of England but I think that anyone who challenges the sea and wins deserves a medal. Well done Jessica!



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