Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweet Soy Chicken & Rocky Road...

Took this pic when I came back from my walk on Tuesday morning. Rain coming....unfortunately not a lot!
Someone had a bad start to their Saturday morning. Let's just say, I don't think they "Kept Left"!This happened at about 8.30am because our power flickered off and on again. Angus drove past going to work 15 minutes later and no-one was there so we assume the driver just drove away - don't know how! The emergency services arrived not long after - it took several hours to clear the road and erect another 'stobie' pole.
This is my desk - I spent all Saturday there, catching up for the week ahead. We are off to Victoria on Monday and Tuesday to deliver a couple of cars so I had to get some work done in advance.
Angus was in charge of dinner on Saturday night...
500 gms Hokkien noodles
1 tblspn peanut oil
750 gms chicken thigh fillets, sliced thickly
8 spring onions, chopped finely
4 cloves garlic, crushed
2cm piece fresh ginger, sliced thinly
230 gm can water chestnuts, drained
300 gm choy sum or bok choy etc, chopped coarsley
2 tblspn fresh coriander
2 tblspn kecap manis (sweet soy sauce)
1/4 cup chicken stock
Rinse noodles in strainer under hot water. Separate noodles with fork, drain.
Heat oil in wok; stir fry chicken, in batches, until browned all over and cooked through. Return all chicken to wok with onion, garlic, ginger and water chestnuts. Stir fry until fragrant. Add choy sum, kecap manis and stock. Stir fry until choy sum wilts.
Place noodles in serving bowl, top with chicken and serve.
(from Women's Weekly Great Fast Recipes)
350 gms Plaistowe cooking chocolate (milk or dark...or both!)
big handful of raspberry jube lollies, cut in halves
bag of mini marshmallows
handful of peanuts, roughly chopped
big tablespoon of shredded coconut
Melt chocolate in microwave safe bowl - in burst of 30 seconds on medium heat - until melted. Add in all other ingredients and stir. Turn out into a paper-lined slice tin and smooth out. Refrigerate until you can't wait any more then cut it into chunks and enjoy in moderation.
Not much happening today except laundry and ironing. MasterChef is on again tonight so that will nearly see me out.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Like you, I can't imagine how the driver managed to drive away, just wondering what the vehicle looked like after that. Just thinking I could make that Rocky Road, no peanuts, almonds will do, darn it, no marshmallows, better put them on the shopping list for this week, we'll just have to have plain chocolate and almonds instead.

  2. What marvelous recipes! Thank you! I'm not home now, but will surely try them when I am. As I travel I keep a special list of bookmarks to view when I am back home and this one is one it. :)))


  3. I would almost bet it was atruck of some sort to be able to drive away from that(or those posts aren't real strong)
    Dinner at your place last night looked so yummy and that rocky road....yummmmm. I often make rocky road but I shouldn't :0)
    Have a great time in Victoria if you get time to have a look around.

  4. Ohpps! If the post looks like that Imagine the car!
    Your tucker looks delishious!

  5. I thought it looked like it mighthave been a truck of some sort, flatbed or low-loader

  6. Don't you just love having a window by your workspace? I USED to till my hubby decided to move the desk for some reason! One day as I was at the computer I looked up to see a huge deer ambling up the hill!
    The recipes both sound wonderful, but what are raspberry jube lollies? V.

  7. Your rocky Road recipe sounds wonderful,& simple, how about adding some chocolate... have to try that!

  8. Dropped your recipe into my personal recipe file (with full credits of course so we can sing your praises when we eat). Can wait to make this one. Yum.


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