Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day...

I got one of these for Mother's Day...
... and this delicious book...
... I had this for dessert - double choc icecream with a Mint Slice biscuit and hot fudge smooshed together...
(sunrise over Corio Bay, Geelong, Victoria - Joolz pic)
Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I've been busy with a trip to Melbourne (last Monday), via Geelong, delivering cars with my hubby and working, eating late and falling into bed shattered. Then off to Adelaide this past weekend for Mother's Day with my two girls. Angus did more at the unit - pics to come.
On my to do list - the picture challenge set by Tatersmama
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Oh Joolz, what a great Mother's Day!
    I especially loved the photo of Corio Bay... I have a friend who lives on the esplanade there, and she gets to live with views like this all the time!
    I'm doing my best to catch up on blog reading (along with unpacking, cleaning, laundry and a million other things to do before going back to work tommorrow)but I think I'll just do some catching up on your blog today.
    If the good Lord's willing, of course! ;-)

  2. Great presies Joolz. Life often fets to busy to get around to blogging :0)

  3. What a lovely day you had. :) Not to worry about not blogging for awhile. You are doing much more exciting things with your husband and family. :))

    Thanks for the great images.


  4. WOW!!!! What a haul for Mother's Day!! I haven't celebrated yet but Bo hinted that I might be receiving an IPOD. MIGHT. Grizzly says "unneccessary." This from a guy who has every gadget known to mankind. I'll get back to you. LOVE THE PICS!


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