Saturday, March 20, 2010

Topsy Turvey Tomato slow going...

(web pic)
So this is what my Topsy Turvy Tomato planter should look like...
...but this is mine. It is nearly 3 months since I planted it out and that lone red tomato is the first one that has ripened. I have cut back a lot of the vines as the hot weather had taken it's toll.
There are plenty more fruit on the vines but they are just so slow to ripen off and we are fast running out of sun, seeing it is autumn here now. I will plant it out again in October this year so hopefully I will have tomatoes all over summer and I will do a separate one with herbs in it. Also, I will just try it with cherry tomatoes and not the bigger varieties. I have found that it really needs watering morning and night to keep the moisture up to it too. Thirsty bugger!
Cheers - Joolz


  1. I ended up buying a moisture meter (from Bunnings about $9) so I could stick it in and know for sure if the soil was dry, but you need to check daily, somedays I forgot and the next day everything had the droops.


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