Friday, December 18, 2009


Is there anything as good as choc chip cookie dough?
Choc Chip Cookies...
... Shortbread ...
... Cherry Butter biscuits...
The baking continues later today after work.


  1. Are they all you made??? wow!!!
    Looking delish!
    We are attempting cookies with CUTTERS!
    The three little people will love it

  2. Can I come to your house for Christmas Joolz. Yummo those biscuits look so good, and so does your Christmas tree.

    I haven't got started yet with Christmas, better get a move on soon though. No tree, no presents, wrapped, no bikkies, rocky road, rum and apricot balls and white Christmas. I feel a busy week coming on.

    Got my mum's 70th birthday this weekend then I get to concentrate on the Christmas stuff.

    Have a great weekend Joolz,


  3. Oh, how busy you have been! Those look really yummy.

    And your Christmas decorations are beautiful!


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