Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tomato seedlings...

This is my mini greenhouse that I have planted some tomato seeds in. This is my first attempt at growing something from seed. I usually just buy seedlings from the nursery.
I planted the seeds on October 10th and I saw the first shoot emerge on the 19th. They are popping up really quickly now. I checked on them yesterday at 9am and could see perhaps 3 tiny seedlings and by 10.30am I think there were probably 10 more!
This pic was taken this morning and I think I will have a 95-100% strike rate. I bought the Burke's Backyard magazine a few months ago and there was a free packet of rare heritage tomatoes in it - Prosperity, Yellow Oxheart, Yellow Stuffing and College Challenger. I can see that nearly all of these are poking their heads through the seed raising mix now. I have also planted many Roma tomato seeds. I can see that if these seedlings really take off , I'll have to gift some of them to my friends and family to plant out and I only have very limited space. Quite exciting really.
Having nice chilly mornings followed by sunny days here so the living is easy. Have a nice day,
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Wow! They're looking good! I wish I had known about the seeds in Burke's Backyard, because I would have bought the magazine!
    Someone also sent me a link for a place in Tassie that specializes in heirloom seeds, so if I can find it, I'll send it along to you.

    I did buy myself a couple of Topsy Turvy's though... and I want to get to the nursery today or tomorrow, so that I can see about getting some 'maters started. ;-)

  2. I too am trying these to grow...
    It was the Edition Rhonda was featured?? I think???
    Nothing Like fresh Tomatoes!

  3. I love tomatoes but I've never had all thease varieties. There are a few hardy specimensa thast will grow outdoors here but generally you need a greenhouse and we haven't got one.

    Enjoy them anyway!

    love, Angie, xx

  4. Thanks Joolz it's good to be back!! Just a ??? but how did you know I was sick if I hadn't blogged....Mmmm I am puzzled now do you know someone I know?? It really is a small world.
    Here's to a great day
    Caroline xoxo


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