Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rollin' on the river....


  1. Oh I love it. Our daughter and family have a beautiful houseboat on the lake. We fish a lot on a pontoon.
    Do you all fish? We catch bluegill and have a big fish fry in the late summer.

  2. Are you doing this Joolz, taking a river trip? Are one of those houseboats yours?

    blessings and hugs,


  3. Houseboats a genius invention.

    I can just see you Joolz, lazing in a deckchair, wine & cheese by your side, floating peacefully along a river somewhere. Sounds tempting to join you!!

  4. Hello Joolz
    I love the look of house boats - sort of like a caravan but far more genteel.
    whilst we were living in Adelaide I loved a day out at Mannum and now love to drive up to Echuca in fact I love going up to any point on the river and seeing the families gliding by - or moored and enjoying life.
    Take care

  5. I love this picture. It evokes memories of my in-laws' boat (one of many they had over the years) and the community of boat owners around them. We had about as much fun at the docks cooking out and visiting with the others as when we were "asea!" (This was on the Great Lakes--Michigan--so it was almost like being at sea!). C

  6. Beautiful pic Joolz. Are they for hire or are they people's homes?

  7. Joolz - looks like fun. I would LOVE to be there right now!

    Wanted to thank you for your very compassionate words to me earlier this week. He's on hospice now and it's one day at a time. Thank you for your loving concern.

  8. Ive been house boating on the Hawksbury River afew times(Im sure you would know John Williamsons song "Hawksbury River Lovin" Love it,what a great way to relax and enjoy life :0)


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