Monday, October 19, 2009

Blogger what are you doing to me????????

I am having trouble with blogger. I changed to the updated editor version in my setting on Sunday and things have gone haywire since. I've now changed it back to old editor.

When I log onto my blog, I don't see my profile or anything at all (!) down the right side margin. Eeek!

It has something to do with my Sunday post and half way down it says more> (I never asked it to do this or display the comments on the front page. The font won't stay the same either. As soon as I click on 'read more' everything appears down the right hand side again. Wierd!

Palms are sweaty, brow is furrowed, all is now how it should be!
I think I've solved the problem - using the new editor, I used page breaks (jump breaks) and I think this caused all the trouble. I deleted them in the Sunday post and all seems to be back to normal - phew! I've gone back to the old editor as with the new one, you have to choose font and picture placement each time - too hard for me.
Frantically (now calmly) , Joolz


  1. Hello Joolz
    I keep losing half of my photos - half the picture that is
    Hope theres an answer to yours and my problem

  2. I have gone back to the old editor too. I did learn something, that it is good to follow your own blog in case a spammer follows you with a yuk avatar that you don't want to see all the time. (If you follow your own blog you can fix it easily.)

    My internet is slow, I have been here a few times, but didn't get to comment. I have 6 days to go.

  3. I have made no changes whatsoever, and yet yesterday I had a lot of trouble uploading photos...kept getting error messages. Maybe things are just acting up in general. Glad you got things to working the way you wanted.

  4. Ever since I installed my last Windows update I can no longer paste into a post unless I change it to HTML mode so that's just a little extra trouble. New is SUPPOSED to mean better, easier, nicer, not more trouble! Glad you solved yours, Joolz.

    blessings and hugs,


  5. OH what would we do it we lost all the information and past posts! be sure to print each post out to keep as a journal!

  6. Joolz when I updated, no problems, just a little tricky!


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