Sunday, October 25, 2009

Awaiting Amazon...

I hopped on line today and ordered my copy of Ree Drummond's 'The Pioneer Woman Cooks' - it comes out at the end of this month in the USA so my copy may take a while to arrive.
Now, some may think I am wasting my money, but I also ordered the 4 seasons of Alf - remember back in the 80's when Alf came into our living rooms? Gordon Shumway from Melmac - he was a Phlegm car salesman with a penchant for all things feline (as long as they were served on a plate, with fur on the side!). I've never seen this available in Australia so I just had to order it. It was a firm favourite way back then.
A lazy day spent here today, tidying, laundering, making bread rolls and salads for dinner tonight. Beer can chicken is on the menu. Angus' mum (Nana Mac) is joining us for dinner and has bought out her famous never fail chocolate sponge cream cake for dessert. I've got strawberries marinating in sugar and brandy to go with it.
Hope you had a nice weekend too,


  1. Ahhh... I think I'm going to have to come to your house! I just LOVE Alf ... and Ree's cookbook? Oh my!!
    And hun? There's no such thing as wasting your money, when you know that what you're buying is gonna bring YOU pleasure!

    Dinner sounds delicious - I've never made beer can chicken, but I've always heard that it's moist and tender...Mmmmm!

  2. Oh How I want Rees Book!!
    And Your Menu Tonight sounds scrum diddly

  3. Yum!! Are you going to post your beer can chicken recipe?? Do you do it in a weber?? My kids used to love chicken in Ribena when they were young but I haven't done it that way in years.
    Ha Ha the word verification says "later" So I guess it's see ya later Joolz have a great day!!

  4. Well I didn't know that was out either. I been meaning to try that chicken but haven't done it. HH says he doesn't want to waste the beer. LOL

  5. Hi Joolz,the cook book sounds interesting,not that I NEED any more cook books,lol.
    Have you had a look at fishpond? They guarantee lower prices than Amazon.
    worth a look :0)

  6. OK you got me hooked when Kenny started singing! I am so not a cook and I am so jelous of anyone who can cook and LOVES doing it! I try and try and try, but some have it and others DON'T. I am the DON'T one hehehe. I have some pretty funny horror stories about cooking and Huhoney eating just about everything I try...well almost everything LOL.


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